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Full text of "Minutes of the ... annual sessions of the Synod of North Carolina ... [serial]"

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OCTOBER 13th, Uth, loth and 16th, 1875. 







jmi @f Vmik Ctif Ita 



OC'TOBEE 13tli, 14th, 15tli and IGtli, 1875. 





Gkeensboko, K C, October 13tli, 1875. 

The Synod of North Carolina met according to adjourn- 
ment and was opened with a sermon by Rev. J. Rum])le, 
Moderator, from John, 10th chapter, 16th verse. 

The Synod was tlien constituted with prayer. 

The roll of Ministers and Churches was called, and the 
following members were found to be present : 


Ministers — Edward Hines, Jacob Doll, P. H. Dalton, 
Thos. U. Faucette, J. Henry Smith, D. D., F. H. Johnston, 
D. E. Jordan, W. B. Tidball, L. C. Vass, P. T. Penick, 
John W. Primrose, J. H. Fitzgerald, E. M. Green and H. 
T. Darnall. 

Ruling-Elder s—^. H. Denry, Dr. W. R. Wilson, W. B. 
Carter, J. H. Lindsay, M. Shaw and Lemuel Lynch. 


Ministei -s— T. P. Johnston, E. F. Rockwell, T. N. Pax- 
ton, B. L. Beall, J. Rumple, W. A. Wood, J. B. Mack, 
L. McKinnon, R M. Tuttle and James H. Thornwell. 

Ruling-Elders — E. M. Stevenson, S. C. Rankin, D, A. 
Davis, E. B. Stimpson, J. 0. McLelland, A. C. Alexander, 
C. R. White, E. A. Perkins, J. A. Garvin, J. S. Beaty, W. 
J. Martin and E. W. Faucette. 


. Ministers— Z. P. McPherson, M. J^lcQueen, H. G. Hill 
and William S. Lacy. 
Ruling - Eld ers—R. M. Buie and E. KeWj. 


Minister — Joseph R. Wilson, D. D. 


Ministers — John Douglas, R. H. Chapman, D. D., Walter 
W. Pharr, S. C. Alexander, W. B. Coibett, E. H. Harding, 
H. H. Banks and A. J. Morrison. 

Rnling-Elders—Z . C. Todd, B. H. Garrison, C. N. 
Hutchison and C. L. Hunter. 


Ministers — George W. Ferrill, A. Currie, J. M. Atkin- 
son, Drury Lacy, D. D., J. C. Alexander, C. N. Morrow, 
Charles Phillips, D. D., C. H. Wiley, H. B. Pratt, Robert 
Burwell, Wm. G. Baird and William A. Shaw. 


Ministers — Jesse Rankin, Daniel Lindley, G. M. Gibbs, 
A. L. Crawford, A. E. Chandler, Wm. W. Pharr, S. Taylor 
Martin, K. B. Anderson, R. W. Boyd and John W. Davis. 


Ministers — Hector McLean, Neill McKay, D. D., A. 
McMillan, A. Baker, D. D. McBryde, Joseph Evans, 
James McQueen, X. T. Bowden, A. McQueen, J. H. Coble, 
D. Fairley, T. L. DeVeaux, A. N. Ferguson and K. M. 


Ministers — Duncan B. Black, Colin Shavr, James M. 
Sprunt, B. F. Marable, S. H. Isler, James Kelly, N. Z. 
Graves, Archibald McFadyen, Alexander Kirkland, C. M. 
Payne, George W. McMillan and R. A. Miller. 


Ministers — R. H. Morrison, D. D., J. E. Morrison, Jas. 
D. Hall, Wm. N. Morrison, Leland R. McAboy, D. D., 
Wm. Graves, Thomas E. Davis, A. W . Miller, D. D., D. 
T. Towles, G. D. Parks, R. Z. Johnston, AVui. McDonald, 

J. J. Kenneday, Wm. H. Davis, Wm. E. Mcllwaine and 
E. E. Ervin. 

Rev. P. H. Dalton was elected Moderator, and Rev. B. 
L. Beall and Rev. Wm. S. Lacy, Temporary Clerks. 

On motion the Synod then adjourned to meet to-morrow 
morning at 9 o'clock. 

Closed with prayer. 

Thursday Morning, October 14th, 1875. 

The Synod met according to adjournment and was opened 
with j)rayer. 

The roll was called and the minutes of yesterday were 
read and approved. 

Messrs. B. Gr. Worth and A. R. Hicks, Ruling Elders in 
Wilmington Presbytery appeared in Sjaiod and assigned 
satisfactory reasons for tardiness. 

Rev. Thomas U. Faucette of Orange Presbytery, Rev. 
W. A. Wood of Concord Presbytery and Rev. Wm. B. 
Corbett of Mecklenburg Presbytery, were excused for 
absence from the last sessions of Synod. 

The Moderator announced the following Standing Com- 
mittees, viz : 

1. On Bills and Overtures. — Rev. J. Rumple, Rev. R. H. Chapman, 
D. D., Rev. S. C. Alexander, Mr. D. A. Davis and Mr. W. B. Carter. 

2. JucUckd Committee. — Rev. J. H. Fitzgerald, Rev. Jos. R. Wilson, 
D. D., and Rev. Martin McQueen with Messrs. W. J. Martin and C. 
L. Hunter. 

3. On the Records of Orange Presbytery. — Rev. E. H. Harding, 
Rev. W. B. Corbett and Mr. J. C. Todd. 

4. On the Records of Concord Presbytery. — Rev. H. H. Banks, Rev^ 
Walter W. Pharr and Dr. Vr. R. Wilson. 

5. On the Records of Fayettcville Presbytery. — Rev. T. X. Paxton, 
Rev. E. Hines and Mr. L. Lynch. 

G. On the Records of Wilmington Presbytery.— Hev. F. H. Johu'^lou, 
Rev. J. DouL'lass and :\rr. E. B. ,Sl:n-on. 


7. On the Records of Mecklenburg Presbytcri/. — Rev. L. McKinnon, 
Bev. R. M. Tuttle and Mr. R. N. Biiie. 

8. To prepare an address to the ChurcJtcs on the state of Relifjion 
ivithin the bounds of the Synod.— "Rax. D. E. Jordan, Rev. J. B. Mack 
and Mr. C. K. Hutchison, 

9. On Devotional Exercises.— Yy.Q\ . J, H. Smith, I). D., and Mr. 
Jesse H. Lindsfiy. 

10. On the Treasurer's Account.— Rqw H. G. Hill, :\ro.<.'ir.<. M. Shaw 
and E. \V. Faucette. 

11. On the Minutes of the General Assembly.— Hev. E. :.!. Cireen, 
Rev. P. T. Penick and Col. W. J. Martin. 

12. On Union Theological Seminary.— Rq\. L. C. Vass, Rev. Wni. 
A. Wood, Rev. J. P. McPherson, Mr. E. Kelley and ■Sir. S. ('. Rankin. 

13. On the Report of the Trustees of Synod.— Wax. J. C. Alexander 
and INIr. J. H. Lindsay. 

U. On Leave of Absence.— Rq\. John W. Primrose, Mr. E. A. 
Perkins and INIr. J. S. Bcaty. 

Rev. J. C. Alexander of Orange Presbytery appeared in 
S3mod and assigned satisfactory reasons for tardiness. 

Dr. Robert J. Hicks, Ruling Elder in Orange Presbytery 
appeared in Synod and gave satisfactory reasons for tardi ■ 

* The following resolution \yas adopted : 

Resolved, Tliat the Parliamentary Rules adopted by the General 
Assembly of 186(5 and since that time observed by them, lie the Rule.^ 
for the guidance of this body. 

The Statistical Reports from the Presbj^teries were read 
and are as follows : 


The Presbyterj^ of Orange report to the Synod of North Carolina that 
they consist of 26 ministers, and have nnder their care 53 churches, 3 
licentiates and 12 candidates for the Ministry ; that on the 22d day of 
April, 1875, they dismissed at his own request Rev. A. D. Hepburn to 
ioin the Presbytery of Concord ; that on the loth day of January, 1875, 
they organized the Church of Reidsville, in the town 'of Reidsville, 
Rockingham county, X. C. ; that on the 23rd day of April, 1875, they 
received Rev. Wm. A. Shaw, M. D., from the Presbytery of Brazos; 
that on the 24th day of April, 1875, they re-appointed Rev. John ^V. 
Primrose, Evangelist for the Eastern field and at the same time re- 
appointed Rev. William G. Baird, Evangelist for the Western field of 

this Presbytery ; that on the same day they licensed INIr. James L. 
Currie and 'Mr. Elias F. Pritchett, as probationers for the Gospel 
Ministry ; that on the 13th day of May, 1875, they dissolved the pastoral 
relation between Rev. Josei^h M. Atkinson and the church of Raleigh; 
that on the Sth day of October, 1S7.5, they dismissed, at his own request, 
Mr. Elias F. Pritchett, a licentiate, to jilace himself under the care of 
the Presbytery of Arkansas ; that on the 9th day of October, 1875, they 
received Rev. H. T. Darnall on certificate from the Presbytery of East 
Hanover ; that on tjie 11th day of October, 1875, they received under 
their care ISIr. Cornelius INIiller, a licentiate on certificate from West 
Hanover Presbytery, and that the next stated meeting of the Presbytery 
will be held at Xutbush church, Granville county, N. C, on Wednes- 
day the 12th day of April, 1870, at 11 o'clock, A. M. 

Greensboro, N. C, Oct. 14th, 1875. Stated Cterk. 


The Presbytery of Concord report to the Synod of North Carolina 
that they consist of 21 ministers and have under their care S-i churches, 
3 licentiates and 5 candidates ; that on the 20th day of Januaiy, 1875, 
they received Rev. A. L. Crawford from the Presbytery of Ouachita, 
Arkansas ; that on the 16th day of April, 1875, they received Mr. P. P. 
Winn, a licentiate from Bethel Presbytery ; that on the 17th day of 
April, 1875, they licensed Mr, T. J. Allison as a probationer for the 
Gospel Ministry ; that on the 8th day of September, 1875, they received 
Rev. Andrew D. Hepburn from Orange Presbytery ; that on the 12th 
day of June they installed Rev. R. B. Anderson, Pastor of the Morgan- 
ton church ; that on the 9th day of September they transferred ]\Ir. T. 
J. Allison, at his own request, to the care of Orange Presbytery, and 
that their next stated meetingfwill be held at Mocksville, on Friday 
before the 4th Sabbath in April, 1876, at 7 o'clock, P. INI, 

Stated Clerk. 


The Presbytery of Fayetteville respectfully report to the Synod of 
North Carolina, that they consist of IS ministers and have under their 
care 48 churches, 1 licentiate and 7 candidates for the Ministry; that 
on the 24th daj- of April,|lS7o, i\\ey licensed Mr. Daniel A. McRae to 
preach the Gospel as a probationer for the holy Ministry ; that on the 
29th day of May, 1875, they installed Rev. A. N. Ferguson, Pastor of 
Laurel Hill Church ; that on the 7th°day of August, 1875, they installed 
Rev. Archibald ^McQueen, Pastor of lona Church; that on the 25th 
day of September, 1S75, they di.-^iuissed at his own request Mr. Kenneth 

McDonald, a licentiate to jilace himself under the care of the Presbytery 
of "Wilmington, and that the next regular meeting of Prcsl^'terj' will 
be held at Centre church, Robeson county, X. C, on Wednesday before 
the 4th Sabl)atli in April, 187G, at 11 o'clock, A. y[. 

Respectfully submitted, by order of Presbj-tery, 

JAMES P. Mcpherson, 

EuphroniaXhurch, Sept. 27, 1^7-5. Siatrd Clerk. 


The Presbytery of Wilmington respectfully n.'i)f)rt to the Synod of 
North Carolina that they number lo ministers and have under their 
care 31 churches, 5 licentiates and 1 candidate ; that on the loth day of 
October, 1874, they received Rev. C. M. Payne from Orange Presbytery; 
that on the 2-5th October they installed Rev. X. Z. Graves Pastor of 
the Church at Goldsboro' ; that on the same day they lost by death 
Rev. H. A. Munroe; that on the 1st November they installed Rev. 
.Toseiih R. Wilson, D. D., Pastor of the 1st Church Wilmington, and 
Rev. C. M. Payne, Pastor of the 2nd Church Wilmington ; that on the 
iGth April, 1875, they received under their care Mv. R. A. Miller, a 
licentiate from Bethel Presbytery ; that on the 17th April they licensed 
INIr. J. S. Black as a Probationer; and on thejnextvday, ordained Mr. 
(r. W. McMillan to the full work of the ministry as an Evangelist ; 
that on the o.)th September they dismissed Rev. T. C. Johnson, at his 
own request, to the Presbytery of North Mississippi ; and received 
under their care Mr. K. McDonald, a licentiate, from the Presbyterj' of 
Fayetteville ; that on the 1st October they dissolved the pastoral 
relation between Rev. N. Z. Graves and the Church of Goldsboro' ; 
that on the next day they ordained Mr. R. A. Miller to the full work 
of the Ministrj^; and that their next stated meeting will be held at 
Goldsboro', on Thursday before the third Sabbath in March, 1876, at 
12 o'clock, M. 

By order of tlie Presbytery, 


Whiteville, 2d Oct. 1875. Stated Clerk. 


The Presbytery of Mecklenlnn-g respectfully reports to the Synod of 
North Carolina : 

1. That it consists of 24 ministers and 43 churches and lias under its 
care 1 licentiate and 7 candidates. 

2. That Rev. E. H. Hardi:;;; v»as receiA'ed from the Presbyterj' of 
•Orange on the loth of Octob-.; . 1874, and ]Mr. E. E. Er\ .!i, licentiate, 
v.-as received from tlie Presb;. cry of Harmony on the l'»th of April, 

1875, and Mr. J. A. Woodburn, liceiitiiite, was received from the Pres- 
bytery of Central Texas on the 11th of .September, 187o, and Rev. D. 
^EeXeill Turner, 1). I)., was dismissed at liis own recjuest to the Pres- 
bytery of Bra/OS on tlie lilth of ]N[arcli, 187"). 

o. Tliat the Rev. ,L ('. Wilh'ams de])arted this life on the 22d (4" 
( )ctober, 1874. 

■1. That Mr. Alfred . I. Morrison was ordained and eonmiissioned to 
labor as Evangelist in the Mountain country on the lotli of April, 1875, 
and Mr. William E. Mellwaine was ordained and installed Pastor of 
Hopewell Church on the 18th of June, 1875, and Mr. E. E. Ervin was 
ordained and installed l^istor (half his time) of Little Brittain Church 
on the loth of Septend)er, 1875. 

5. That 13 of our churches have Pastors, some all their time and 
some a part of their time. Two churches have Pastors elect and the* 
rest are supplied. 

Respectfully submitted, by order of Presbytery, 


Mills River Church, Sept. 11, 1875. Stated Clerk. 

Mr. H. D. Lott, Ruling Elder in Orange Presbytery, Rev. 
Messrs. R. Z. Jolmston, W. E. Mellwaine, E. E. Ervin and 
R. A. Yandle, of Mecklenburg Presbytery, and Rev. S. H. 
Isler a])peared in Synod and gave satisfactory reasons for 

Rev. Martin McQueen of Fayetteville Presbytery, ap- 
peared in Synod and gave satisfactory reasons for tardiness 
and for absence from the last meeting of Synod. 

Rev. R. Mellwaine, D. D., and Rev. M. H. Houston of 
the Synod of Virginia, being present were invited to sit as 
corresponding members. 

On motion it was made the order of the day at 11 this 
forenoon to hear Rev. R. Mellwaine, D. D., on the subject 
of Sustentation ; and on the subject of Foreign Missions at 
8 o'clock this afternoon. 

The Narratives from all the Presbyteries were read and 
referred to the Committee appointed to prepare an address 
to the Churches on tlie state of religion within the bounds 
of Synod. 

A letter was n.vad from Rev. R. B. Anderson of Concord 


Presbytery, assigning satisfactory reasons for absence from 
the present sessions of Synod. 

Kev. Neill McKay, D. D., of Fayetteville Presbytery 
assigned satisfactory reasons for tardiness and also for 
absence from tlie last meeting of Synod. 

It was made the order of the day at l():4o o'clock to-day 
to hear the report of the Synod's Agent of Sustentation. 

The report of the Trustees of Union Theological Seminars- 
was read and referred to the Committee on the Seminaiy 
with instructions to nominate members to fill vacancies in 
the Board of Directors of the Seminar}-. 

It was made the order of the day for tomorrow at 1<» 
o'clock, A. M., to hear the Business Agent of the North 
Carolina Presbyter la n. 

It was made the 2nd order of the daj- for to-morrow, to 
consider the resolutions touching the giving of the tithe to 
pious objects. 

It was made the order of the da}' for to-morrow at Tv 
o'clock, P. M., to hear the rei)ort of the Agent of Foreign 

Satisfactory excuses for absence from last meeting of the 
Board of Directors of Cnion Theological Seminary were 
assigned by Rev. J. P. McPherson and Ruling Elder Dr. 
R. L. Beali: 

Rev. John Douglas and Rev. R. Z. Johnston, with Ruling- 
Elder Wm. J. Martin were appointed a Committee to pre- 
pare a minute touching the death of Rev. J. C. Williams. 

Rev. James H. Thornwell gave satisfactory reasons for 
not answering to the call of the roll at the linal adjourn- 
ment of the last meeting of Synod. 

Rev. John E. Brown, Ruling Elder of Mecklenburg 
Presbytery appeared in S}iiod and gave satisfactory 
reasons for tardiness. 

It was made the first of the day for Saturday morning, to 
hear the reports of the Agent of Publication and of Sabbath 


Schools, and the second order of the day to hear memorials 
of deceased brethren, ihe vote thereon to be taken by 
standing and to be followed b}' prayer. 

Fayetteville, N. C, was chosen as the place and the 
Wednesday before the 4tli Sabbath of October, 1876, at 7* 
o'clock, P. M., as the time for the next meeting of the 

Rev. S. H. Isler, Rev. Joseph R. Wilson, D. D., and 
Ruling Elder B. G. Wortii, Avere appointed a Committee to 
prepare a minnte on the deatji of Rev. H. A. Munroe of 
Wilmington Presbytery. 

The Standing Committee on the re])ort of the Trustees of 
Synod were instructed to reorganize said Board of Trustees. 

The Stated Clerk of Synod was directed to have one 
thousand copies of the Minutes of the present Sessions of 
Synod printed. 

The first order of the day was taken up and the Agent of 
Sustentation presented his report. In connection with 
which the Synod was addressed by Rev. R. Mcllwaine, 
D. D. 

Rev. N. H. D. Wilson, D. D., and Rev. W. H. Bobbitt. 
of the M. E. Church being present were invited to sit as 
corresponding me^mbers. 

Rev. J. J. Kenneday of Mecklenb^irg Presbyter}', Rev. 
A. Baker and Roderick McCaskill, Ruling Eider of Fa}'- 
etteville Presbytery ; Rev. S. Taylor Martin and Ruling 
Elder J. R. McNealy of Concord Presbytery and Ruling 
Elder J. A. Pritchett of Orange Presbytery, appeared in 
Synod and gave satisfactory reasons for tardiness. 

A letter was read from Rev. Wm. W. Pharr, assigning 
satisfactory reasons for absence from the present Sessions 
of Synod. 

Mr. John A Womack, Ruling Elder in Orange Presbyters- 
appeared in Synod and gave satisfactor}" reasons for 

Tile hour for the order of the day having; arrived the 
Si^iod was addressed hy tlie Kev. R. Mcllwaine, D. D., on 
the subject of Foreign Missions. 

On motion the foHowing resolutions were adopted. 

liesolved 1, That we have listened witli jireat i)leasure to tlie addresses 
of Rev. R. Mcllwaine, on Bustentation and Foreign Missions. 

Rrso/rcd 2, That we hevel)y declare our increasing interest in these 
fields of labor for Christ, and our fixed resolve to endeavor to bring up 
all our churches to fuller labors in tliese vital departments of our 
(duirches work. 

Rev. A. Martin, D. D., of the Synod of Virginia being 
present, was invited to sit as a corresponding member. 
The following resolution was adopted : 

liesolvcd, That a Committee be appointed whose duty it shall be to 
take into consideration the subject of beneficiary Education and report 
to Sj-nod during the ji resent Sessions. 

This Committee consists of Rev. L. McKinnon, S. Taylor 
Martin and D. E. Jordan, with Ruling Elder W. J. Martin. 

On motion the Synod then adjourned to meet to-morrow 
morning at 9 o'clock. 

Closed with praj^er. 

i'pjDAY Morning, October 15th, 1875. 

The Synod met according to adjournment and was opened 
with prayer. 

The roll was called and the minutes of yesterday were 
read, corrected and approved. 

It was made the first order of the daj'- for this afternoon 
to hear the report of the Agent of Education. 

Rev. Charles Phillips, D. D., of Orange Presbyter}^ ap- 
peared in Synod and gave satisfactory reasons for tardiness. 

Rev. Thomas E. Peck, D. D., of the Synod of Virginia, 
being present was invited to sit as a corresponding member. 

Rev. R. A. Miller of Wilmington, Rev. Jos. M. AtkinstHi 
of Orange and William B. Wright, Ruling Eld<^r of 


Fayetteville Presbytery appeared in Synod and gave satis- 
factory reasons for tardiness. 

Tlie iiniinished business was taken iip and the report of 
the Agent of Sustentation was approved. Tlie Stated Clerk 
was directed to publish the Statistical parts of the report in 
. tlie Appendix to the Minutes of Synod. 
The following resolution was adopted : 

/lesofi'cd, That tlie Avliole subject of tlie absolute aud relative 
aggressiveness of the Presbyterian Church in North Carolina be referreil 
to a Committee with instructions to consider it, and if it be found that 
our Avhole duty has not been performed, said Committee shall indicate 
the causes of said delinquency and point out tlie remedy. The Com- 
mittee to report at the next meeting of the Synod. 

The Committee called for by this resolution consists of 

Rev. J. Rumple of Concord Presbytery. 

Rev. B. F. ^Marable of "Wilmington Presbytery. 

Rev. R. Z. Johnston of Mecklenburg Presbytery. 

lUiling Elder Daniel H. Morrison of Fayetteville Presbyteiy. 

Ruling Elder George Allen of Orange Presbytery. 

The order of the day was then taken up and Synod 
a,ddressed by Mr. John McLaurin, the Business Agent of 
the ]V. 0. Presbyterian. After which the following resolu- 
tions were on motion adopted. 

Resolved, That this Synod have heard Avith pleasure the Business 
Agent of the ^Vo/'CA CaroZma Pre.s&^^cHart, and rejoice in the assured 
-success and prospects of this Synodical Journal. 

Resolved, That this Synod heartily commend the North Carolina 
Presbyterian to the patronage of our people and urge upon those inter- 
ested in its success to extend its circulation and increase its Capital 

Rev. George Allen appeared in Synod and gave satisfac- 
tory reasons for tardiness. 

Rev. C. H. Wiley of Orange Presbytery appeared in 
Synod and gave satisfactory reasons for tardiness. 

A letter was received from Rev. R. Burwell of Orange 
Presbyter}^ giving satisfactory reasons for absence from 
this meeting. A letter was also received from Rev. A. 
Kirkland of Wilmington Presbytery giving satisfactory 


reasons for absence from the last and present meeting of 

The Committee on the Records of Wilmington Presbytery 
made the following report wliich was adoi)ted, viz : 

Tlie Coiuniittee to exaiiiiiio the Records of (ho Presltytery of Wii- 
iiiingtou i)es leave to ivport that thoy have attended to that duty and 
find them neatly kept and re(^'oniiuend tlieir ai»proval witli tliis exeej)- 
tion, viz : 

1. That the Presbytery appear to have Heensefl a eandidate as i)rn- 
bjttioner for tlie Holy :^[lnistry without exaniinin<r him on tl;e subjects 
of Church Government and the Sacraments, as reciuired in tlie Form 
of Government. Chapter XIV., Sec. IV. 

2. That therefore the action of the Presbytery i)ostponinu: his exami- 
nation on these subjects to the time of his ordination M-as irre-^ular. 
(See Records page oKi. ) 

The Committee on the Records of Concord Presbytery, 
reported recommending their approval. 

This report was adopted. 

The second order of the day was then taken up, viz : the 
consideration of the resolution of Rev. H. G. Hill, touching 
the giving the tithe of the yearlj'- increase to pious objects. 
Pending the discussion on this subject S3'nod took recess 
until 3 o'clock, P. M. 

Aster recess the Synod met. 

The Committee on the Records of Fayetteville Presby- 
ter}- reported recommending their approval. 

This report was adopted. 

The Committee on the Recoids of Mecklenburg Presby- 
ter}' reported recommending their approval. 

Tliis report was adopted. 

The unfinished business was then taken up, viz : the con- 
sideration of the resolution pertaining to the "tithe." 

On motion, the discussion on this subject was suspended 
to take up the order of the day, viz : the report of the Agent 
of Education. 

Rev. Neill McKay, D. D., Agent of Education then pre- 
sented his report. 


This report was, on motion, received and placed on the 

Rev. C. 11. Wile}', District Superintendent of the Anieri 
can Bible Society in North Carolina, by invitation address- 
ed the Synod on the work in which he is engaged. 

The Committee on devotional exercises made a report, 
which was on motion approved. 

Mr. A\''illiam K. Davis, Ruling Elder of Orange Presby- 
tery, appeared in Synod and assigned satisfactory reasons 
for tardiness. 

The Committee on Union Theological Seminary made a 
report which was accepted, adopted and is as follows : 


The Coiuiuittcf W wlioni was referred the report of the Trustees oi 
Union Theological Seminary submit to the Synod tlie following report: 

It is cause of thanksgiving to Almighty CJod, that he has vouchsafed 
to our beloved Seminary such signal prosperity in all its operations du- 
ring the i)ast year. 

The rei^ort shows a steady and healthful growth in the Seminary. 
I^ast year there M'cre thirty-three matriculates and seventy-seven stu- 
dents in all. This is the largest number of students attending in one 
year. We have also learned from an authentic source that twenty-five 
or more ne-sv students have entered the Seminary this session, and have 
fully filled up the gap made l)y the graduating class, and that .there are 
already about seventy students present. 

Very few of the students left the Seminary before the close of the ses- 
sion whose action was not approved by the Faculty. 

Nothing in relation to the funds of the institution calls for especial 
attention, except that we learn with gratitude to God and to the donors. 
that T. M. Xiven, Esq., of New York, contributed one thousand dol- 
lars, and Mr. Joseph B. Wilson, of Virginia, donated three thousand 
and five hundred dollars to aid in founding scholarships. 

More than three hundred volumes have been added to the Library 
during the year and it now numbers nearly ten thousand volumes. 

Last year the Synod directed its Treasurer to forward to the Treas- 
urer of the Seminary a sum sufficient to pay the expenses of the 
Directors froiu this Synod ; and the amount necessaiy to be raised for 
this jjurpose, was distributed among the several Presbyteries. Only 
two Presl)yteries, viz : Orange and Wilmington have paid in their 
quotas, and consequently the funds have not been sent by our Treas- 


urcr. We icooiuim'iul that the Synod urge upon the Presbyteries to 
Ibrward their ([uotas promptly so that tlie amount needed for our 
directors may be forwarded annually before the Ut of April, to the 
Treasurer of the Seminary. 

The term of the 4th Class of the Directors expires at this Session of 
Synod. AVe recommend that this class be <-<>nstituted iind ai)pointed 
as follows: Rev. .1. P. ^Mcl'licrson, J{ev. Walter W. Pliarr and 
JUiling Elder ]). A. Davis. 

We express our continued M;iir.i:(ction hi rcvicwhit;: the affairs of tliis 
institution and our hope and belief that undei- the blessing of our 
covenant God, it will go onward and upwanl in enhirged usefulness. 

We recommend that the report of the Trustees be published in the 
aj>pendix to the ]\[inutcs of Synod. 

The Committee appointed to prei)are a Sy nodical Map, 
made the following report which was received and the 
Committee continued : 

Your Connuittee would resi)ectfully report: The lirst effort of the 
Conmiittee was to gather and arrange the facts essential to iierfect such 
a Map as the Synod should have. Brethren in different parts of the 
Synod were solicited to collect data for the Committee, in some instance.-, 
almost importuned, but the replies have been so partial, the facts so 
meagre, that the Committee Avas left without the material necessary 
for the construction of a map. For the Presbyteries of Orange, Wil- 
mington and Fayetteville the Committee have quite full and accurate 
returns. And from some of the counties of the W^est \ve have received 
very satisfactory and substantial assistance. Hut the Connnittee is 
unable to present to Synod a digest of the material collected owing to 
the lateness at which these returns were rendered. 

The second effort of the Committee Avas to ascertain the cost of the 
publication of such a map. Here theie was considerable delay because 
we could not state accurately the amount of additional matter required 
to be put into a map of the State. At length an estimate of what might 
be desired Avas made and correspondence entered into with various 
])arties. The first attempt was to ascertain the cost of the rent or pur- 
chase of some existing Stone on which might be engraved the additional 
facts necessary for our purpose. In this we failed, as none of the 
holders of stones would consent as the stone would be useless to them, 

The latest and perhaps the best Map of the State, (Pearce's) published 
by Mr. Williams of Raleigh, lu'oving upon examination so inaccurate 
for our puri)oses in many ]iarticulars, the cost of engraving a new 
stone was inquired of tlie same publishers. From them, at present the 


hu'gCHt Map publisliors iu the United »States, we learn, that tiie eost of 
preparing, engraving and jirinting on f<heets a Synodical ]Map 40 inches 
wide, (scale l.'! miles to the inch), with leading geographical facts, and 
the additional data recpiired for our use would probably be $400 per 
thousaud, or not more than $500. This would leave under the Western 
part, space for explanatory and statistical matter. 

The additional cost for the binding cheaply or mounting on cloth 
would be $40 i)er hundred. This Avould make the cost of each map 
from SO to 90 cents. We think additional inquiry might lead to more 
satisfactory information, and that what we wish might be secured for 
half that amount. 

It is believed that perhaps the cheapest and simplest method of sup- 
plying the Synod Avith a Synodical Map would bo to purchase some 
impressions (not in colors) already made, and having the additional 
facts written by a clever draughtman in colors upon these printed im- 

This would show at a glance tlie status of the Presbyterian Church 
in the State. 

The Committee ax^pointed to prepare an address to the 
Churches within the bounds of Synod mads the following 
report which was accepted and approved : 

The Synod of jSforUb Carolina to ths Churches tmder its care: 

Grace Ije unto you, and peace from. God our Father and from the 
Lord Jesus Christ. We give thanks unto God for you all brethren, 
making mention of you in our praj^ers ; while wo rejoice in your stead- 
fastness in the Gospel. 

Our hearts are with you and ouv prayei-.s arise in your behalf both 
day and night. We trust tliat you also are praying for us that the 
l)lessing of God may follovr our deliberations. 

We are glad and thankful to God to 1)e able to say to you, that the 
preaching of the Gospel during the past year has been owned and blessed 
by the Great Head of the Church. Every one of our Presbyteries 
reports encouraging additions to the membership of the Churches. 

In some congregations extensive revivals are reported. 

But while we rejoice over those who are thus blessed, we sorrow with 
deep and unfeigned sadness over the many among whom no such 
tokens of divine favor have been seen. In the large majority of our 
congregations the word of God seems to have fallen among thorns. 
The cares of the world have choked the word and rendered it unfruitful. 
Brethren of these unawakened congregations we urge upon you to con- 
sider the question. Why is it thus ? Is it in any sense your fault ? 
There is such a thing as the coming of sin between us and the Lord, 


fto tliat hisi ear Is closed ami hi^ arm shortened that lie will m-ither 
hear nor help. Is it so with you ? 

We call your attention to the nubjeet of family religion. Thos*e of 
you who are heads of familie,s are put liy the Lord into a position of 
peculiar responsibility, privilege and influence. If pastors of churehe* 
watch for souls as those who must give account, much more should they 
do so who are bound by such intimate and tender tics to tlieni Mho an-, 
committed to their care. 

Brethren are you bringing them up in tlic nurture and admonition 
of the Lord? Have you consecrated them to the I^ord as it is your 
jirivilege to do? Are you teaching and training them in reliaiice 
upon God's covenant grace? If you arc not then wc fed it our duty to 
tell you very jdainly and clearly, that you arc putting to risk the souls 
of your children. If you are, then we rejoice in the grace given you to- 
do your duty, and we assure you that you may confidently rely upon tlic 
promise of the Lord and comnut your children to Him. 

In this connection wc would mention with grave disapi»roval and re- 
buke, the too common unfaithfulness of fathers of families. In too 
many households the whole teaching and training of children for Christ 
is left to the mother, andjshe, unsupported by the father, is left and per- 
mitted, nay even constrained by conscience to take up and bear their 
whole duty and resjionsibility. To those i>raying, toiling, patient and 
faithful mothers, we say be not weary in well tloing, in due season ye 
.shall reap if ye faint not. The blessing of our covenant keeping God 
is promised and will rest upon your labors. Faithful is he that 

The failure f»f many to do their duty in training their children sug- 
gests and forces upon us another question. Have the Lord's peojde 
forgotten that they are not their own, that they belong to Him who 
])Ought them and paid for them with his own precious blood, and are 
bound with no common bond to glorify him with their bodies and spirits 
which are His ? Brethren what is the measure of your personal conse- 
cration to your Lord ? Do you remember that they who Avould serve 
Him must serve Him in singleness of heart ? 

Are your hearts thus engaged, and are you giving ailigence to make 
to make your calling and election sure? There is danger dear bretii- 
ren that manyjwho now call themselves christians will claim at tlif 
last that they have eaten and drank in the Lord's in'csence, only to 
hear Him say I never knew you. ^N'e entreat you to make sure in this 

What arc you tloing with your substance? Are you holding it and 
using it for tlic glory of (Jod and ff)r His service, or are you using it for 
your own service and to further your own ends? He claims it as His 
and in theory you allow the claim. But what is your practice ? Alas, 


the Htraitont'd coiuUtion of the* Foreign and of tlie Home work alike, 
speaks too plainly to admit a doubt as to what the answer to this 
quest ion must be. 

Now beloved the Lord's elalm Is that you eonseerate to Him, youj'- 
selves, your children and your estate. Whenever this shall be done we 
may be well assured that the Hialvati-m of the world is drawing nigh. 
Now if this be true, it may be said that it is true in an important sense, 
that the glorious kingdom of our Saviour is delayed and waits for th4- 
fjiithfulncss of His own people. How long shall it be delayed ? How 
long shall we bear this responsibility ? How long 'till wo all shall be 
found, looking for and hastening unto that day and watehing tbe 
coming of the liOrd ? 

Brethren we commend you to God. The grace of our Lord Jesus 
Christ be with you all. P. H. Dai.ton, 


On motion the Moderator added to the Committee on leave 
of absence, the Rev. Messrs. J. P. McPherson, R. M. Tuttle 
and Rilling Elder J. R. McNeely. 

After devotional exercises the Synod took up the order 
of the day : the hearing of the report of the Agent of Foreign 
Missions. This report was read, accepted and ordered to 
be placed in the hands of tlie Editor of the JSforth Carolma 
Presbyterian for publication at his discretion. The reso- 
lutions appended to this report were adopted and are as 
follows : 

Bcsolvcd 1. That each Presbytery be instructed to call on every 
^Minister and Session to report what effbrts they have made, and what 
success they have had in raising funds for this cause during the year, 
and that this matter be attended to during the conference on Foreign 
Missions, when the Agents make their reports to the Presbyteries 

Benolvcd 2. That Synod hereby expresses its gratified acknowledg- 
ment of the help rendered in this cause by the Sabbath Schools and 
Women's Missionary Associations in the bounds of our churches, and 
bids them God speed in the good work and urges the formation of such 
associations in all the churches. 

Besolved 3. That a collection be taken up at the close of this con- 
ference for the cause of Foreign Missions. 

The following resolutions were adopted : 

Hesolvcd 1. That this Synod have heard with profoundest interest 


the Ilcv, 31. H. Houston, a MLs-sionary of our Church in China, aud 
rejoice at the success and hopefulness of our work in that vast field. 

Resolved, That this .Sj'nod specially commend this Mission and our 
beloved brother, to the symi)athy and prayers and aid of our people, 
and invoke the sovereign protection and abundant blessing of the 
Great Head of the Church upon him and his work. 

On motion the Synod then adjonined to meet to-morrow 
morning at 9 o'clock. 
Closed with prayer. 

Saturday Mokning, October 16th, 1875. 

The Sj'^nod met according to adjournment and was opened 
with prayer. 

The roll was called and the miniites of .yesterda}^ Avere 
read and approved. 

The reports on Systematic Benevolence from Orange, 
Concord, Fa^^etteville, Wilmington and Mecklenhurg Pres- 
byteries were read, received, and ordered to be printed in 
the apjDendix to the Minutes. 

On motion it was resolved that the reports of the Presby- 
teries on Sj^stematic Benevolence to the Synod, extend from 
April 1st to April 1st of each year. 

On motion the Committee on Systematic Benevolence was 
made one of the Standing Committees of S3-nod. 

The report of the Board of Trustees of Synod was read, 
received, and referred to the Standing Committee on that 

A letter was read from Rev. C. N. Morrow of Orange 
Presbj^tery giving satisfactory reasons for absence from this 

On motion the resoluiioii pertaining to the Relief Scheme 
was laid on the table. 

The unfinished business touching the "tithe'' was taken 
up and the following preamble and resolution was adopted, 

Whereas, The Synod of North Carolina has considered the subject 


or"thelaw of the titho," without being al)le to reach a satisfactory 

Therefore be it rcsolrcd, That this Synod overture the (icneral 
Assembly to this effect, viz : "Is the law of the "tithe" binding during 
this dispensation." 

Tlie hour for the order of tlie clay having arrived, the 
Agent of Publication presented his report, which Avas ap- 
proved and the statistical part thereof was ordered to be 
published in the appendix to the Minutes of Synod. 

Rev. J. Henry Smith, D. D., offered liis resignatioii of 
the office of the Agent of Publication. This resignation 
was accepted ; and the thanks of the Sjniod were tendered 
to Rev. J. Hemy Smith, D. D., for his fidelity. 

On motion Rev. F. H. Johnston of Orange Presbytery 
was appointed as Agent of Publication. 

Rev. L. C. Vass, Agent of Sabbath Schools presented a 
report which was received, approved, and Statistical part of 
the report was ordered to be printed in the appendix to the 

The Committees appointed thereto, presented the follow- 
ing minutes on the death of deceased members of this body, 
which was approved and followed by appropriate remarks 
and prayer. 


The Conmiittee appointed to prepare a aiiuute relative to the death 
of the Rev. John C. Williams, Pastor of Hopewell Church, Mecklen- 
burg Presbytery, whose death has already been announced through the 
report of that body as having occurred on the 22d October, 1S74, present 
the following : 

While we bow with profound submission to Plis will who doetli all 
things wisely, "we arc dumb because Thou didst it." This Synod in 
view of the death of Rev. John C. Williams, would record its gratitude 
for the counsel and labors of such a faithful servant, even for the brief 
period he was permitted to live and labor among us— it likewise 
expresses its hi^ appreciation of his worth, of his private social 
(pialities, his faithful pastoral labors and punctuality in attending upon 
the meetings of the Courts of the Lord's house, a brother much beloved 
in life and greatly lamented in death, and his memory is still as oint- 
ment poured forth. 


AVifKKEAS, God in liis pi'ovidoiU'O has .suddenly removed from oiu- 
midst Ijy death, Rev. H, A. >[unroe, tlierefore this Synod i» ealled on 
to make tliis minute of his deatli. 

Hcso/vcd 1. That in tlie^leatli of llev. H. A. .Nfunroe, Ave have lost 
an honored Minister, a faithful presbyter, and a wise counsellor in tldns>> 
pertaining to the Kingdom of God. 

Jiesolrrd 2. That "we lierehy tender our sympathies to the hereavt-d 
widow and eliildren of tlio deceased, and pray that (iodmay take thciri 
under His heavenly eare. 

The special Committee on Beneficiar\- Education, pre- 
sented a report which was amended, adopted, and is as 
follows : 

Tlie Committee appointed to prei)are a paper on tlie Hul»jeet of iJeiie- 
ficiary Education be<? leave to present the following : 

Your Committee is persuaded that in the i)eeuliar condition of Soutli- 
ern society at the close of the late war, private resources generally being 
very much reduced, and many young men who were looking forward U^ 
the Gospel ^Ministry, greatly retarded in their course of preparation, 
that the system of Beneficiary Education seemed to be a necessity. 
Under the exigencies of the times this system seemed to be the only 
expedient, which promised to furnish an immediate and adequate 
supply of Ministers for our churches. 

It was then wise in our beloved church, appreciating her necessities, 
to do what she could to supply these necessities, and to this end, to 
extend material as well as moral encouragement to her young men wlio 
felt called of God to preach His word. 

But as our circumstances, as a church, are Jiow different from what 
they then were, it may be that what was then a necessity is no longer 
such, and that it is now both unwise and dangerous to prosecute the 
same system without important moditications. 

Your Committee would therefore respectfully present for the con- 
sideration of Synod, the following recommendations : 

Hcsolvcd 1. That this Synod recommends to its several Presbyteiies, 
to examine carefully into the propriety of their assuming entire control 
of the education of their candidates for the Gospel Ministry. 

BesoJvcd 2. That the Synod recommends to its several Presbyteries, 
to consider the propriety of modifying their systeiu of aiding their can- 
didates, so as to i^ut such assistance in the form of a loan rather than a 

J^cmlvrd 3. That the Synod recommends to its Presbyteries the pro- 
jjriety of rendering their assistance to candidates for the Ministry, only 
at the last stage of their course of prej^aration, except in j^eculiar cases. 

Tlie following report was accepted and adopted : 

The Conimitti-e to whom wan referretl tlie report of the trustocM of" 
ii^ynod beg knive to reconnuend the following : 

1. That the Synod so eliange the mode of electing its Trustees as t<» 
choose them every four years, beginning with the present meeting of 
Synod, and the following named Trustees be chosen now to serve until 
the meeting of tlie Synod in the year 1879, viz : Col. Jno. E. Brown, 
Chairman, Col. J. B. Rankin, Mr. J. L. Brown, and Mr. T. H. Browu 
of Charlotte, N. C, Mr. J. H. AVelborne of Lexington, N, C, and ]Mr.. 
D. F. Cannon of Concord, N. C. 

i'. That the Trustees be authorized to make such a compromise as in 
their judgement they may deem best, with Mr. J. H. Stephenson and 
with 3[r. .T. Lyons, the two parties indebted to the Synod. 

The Committee on the Records of Orange Presbytery, 
reported, recommending that they be approved. 

This report was accepted and adopted. 

The following report was accepted and adopted : 

The Committee on the Treasurer's account report that they have ex- 
amined the account and vouchers, find them correct and recommend 
their approval. They also recommend that the Treasurer be instructed 
to remind the delinquent Presbyteries of their indebtedness, and to 
forward to Mr. F. X, Watkins, Treasurer of Union Seminary, the 
amount advanced by him for the expenses of Xorth Carolina Directors,, 
last April, as soon as possible. 

The Committee on Bills and Overtures, and the Judicial 
Committee reported that no business had come into their 
hands and were discharged. 

The report of the Agent of Education was taken from the 
Docket, and after some further consideration it was on 
motion laid on the table. 

The following resolutions were then adopted : 

Besolvcd L That In the judgment of this Synod it is the duty of the 
church to pray unceasingly to her Head for a large increase of Candi- 
dates for the Gospel ^linistry. 

Besolvcd 2. That it is the judgment of Synod that contributions 
to the cause of Education ought to be made for the benefit of candidates 
as such, without regard to the real or supposed pecuniary condition of 
any class — and subject to distribution at the option of the church. 

The Rev. Neill McKay, D. D,, tendered his resignation 
as Agent of Education. 


His resignation was accepted and tlie tlianks of the 
Synod tendered to Dr. McKay for liis faithful discharge of 

The Rev. L. McKinnou was then appointed Agent of 
Education in the place of Dr. McKa}'. 

The following resolution was adopted : 

Resolved, That tlie thanks nf this .Synod be cordinlly extended to the 
,ii,ood jieople of this city for their Ivindness and hospitality to its mem- 
bers during the present Sessions, to the Ministers and Officers of tlie 
;Methodist and Baptist Churches ; to the Officers of the Colored Presby- 
terian Church for the uses of their houso« of worship ; to the President 
and Oflicers of the Rail Roads which liavo passed our members on one 
fare ; that this resolution be read from the pulpit by the Pastor to-night, 
and the Editors of tiie city be requested to publish the same in their 

The Committee pn the Minutes of the General Assembly 
reported that they had examined said Minutes and find 
nothing claiming the attention of Synod, and were dis- 

The Stated Clerk was directed to make the following 
report to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church 
in the United States, viz : 

The Synod of Nortli Carolina ix-spL-ctfully rrnori^ lo ihevicneral 
Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United State*, that it con- 
:-ists of Ave Presbyteries, and these Presbyteries consist in whole of 102 
Z'.Iinisters, having under their care 20!) Churches, IZ TJcentinte-;. nnd 3:2 
Candidates, viz : 


8 12 
















Total, 102 209 13 32 

The Synod further reports that its next meeting will be held i\\ 
Fayetteville, N. C, on Wednesday the ISth day of October, 1876, at 11 
o'clock, P. .M. JACOB DOLL, 

(Greensboro, X. C'., October l"), 1875. Stated Clerk. 


Th(» Coiumittee on leave of absence made tlie following 
report wliicli was accepted and adopted, viz : 

Your Coimuittoo be- loavo respectfully to report that they have given 
leave of absence : 
To Rev. Messrs. J. H. Fitzgerald and Thos. U. Fauoette after the 

Itth inst. 

To Rev. W. 1j. C!orbctt after the loth inst. 

To Mr. E. AV. Faucette, Dr. C. L. Hunter, Dr. W. R. Wilson, Capt. 
E. A. rerkius. Vol. .Tno. E. Brown, Rev. A. J. Morrison, Rev. E. E. 
Ervin, Messrs. E. B. 8timson and J. R. McNeely, Rev. J. ^r. Atkin- 
son, Rev. John W. Primrose and Mr. T. F. Beattie after 1 V. M., 15th 


To Rev. H. H. Banks, Rev. L. C. Vass, Mr. h^amuel H. Denny, ]\Ir. 
A. R. Hicks, Rev. L. McKinnon, Mr. J. O. McLelland, Mr. A. C. Alex- 
ander after 1 o'clock on Saturday the IHth inst. 

To ]\Ir. jNI. Shaw after the morning Sessions on Saturday. 

To Mr. D. A. Davis and Rev. E. F. Rockwell after 4 P. :sr. on Satur- 
day the 16th inst. 

To Mr. R. N. Buie and Rev. H. T. Darnall after Friday the 15th inst. 

To Rev. .T. Rumple, Mr. J. ». Pritchett, Rev. F. H. Johnston, Rev. 
J. J. Kenneday, Mr. H. D. Lott and Mr. W. B. Carter after 1 P. M. on 
Saturday the 10th inst. 

To Mr. J. C. Todd, Rev. S. T. Martin, Prof. W. J. ISIartin and J. A. 
Garvin after 4 P. M. on Saturday the IGtli inst. 

The Minutes of tliis day were read and approved. 

The roll was then called when it was found that the fol- 
lowing members were absent without permission, viz : 

From the Fresbyterij of Ora)7gc.-Ilev. C. H. Wiley, Ruling Elders 
Lemuel Lynch, Dr. Robert J. Hicks and George Allen. 

From the Presbytery of Fayetteville.— Ruling Elder Wni. B. 

From the Presbytery of Mecklenburg ,—Rq\ . S. C. Alexander and 

Mr. B. H. Garrison. 

On motion the Synod adjourned to meet in Fayetteville, 
N. C, on Wednesday, the leth day October, 1876, at 7i 
K3' clock, P. M. 

Closed with singing, prayer and the apostolic benediction. 

Stated Glerl\ 


Reports of the Presbyteries on Systematic ]5eiievoleiice : 


Tlio Prcsbj'teiy of Orange respectfully presents to the .Synod of Xorth 
Carolina the following annual report on Systematic ]>enevolenee : 

Of our 53 Churches, 

43 have contrilmted to Sustentation S 4!)8 Oo 

42 " " Evangelist Fund S87 00 

38 " " Foreign Missions (i()4 Ou 

31 " " Invalid Fund 1'4.'. <Mi 

30 " " Fducation 1,')7!» Oi) 

33 " " Pui)lieation :'.ll 00 

37 " " ^risccllaneous (;,(!!»!» Oil 

Total $10,881 00 

The number of contributing churches has increased in every scheme 

of benevolence, but the amount contributed is ^W)i less than it was last 

year. Only seven of our churches failed to send up a report, and they 

have but a nominal existence ; their names being kept on our rolls for 

legal reasons. 

Twenty-five churches have contributed to all tiie objects ordered Ity 

our Assembly ; six to five them ; six to four of them ; three to three of 

them ; five to two of them ; and one to one of them. 

By order of the Presbyterv, 


,S'fafrd Clerk. 


The Presbytery of Concord Mould rejjort to tlie By nod of Xorth 
Carolina that for the year ending April, 187o, the following contribu- 
tions have been made for Systematic Benevolence : 

26 Churches have contributed to Sustentation 5 41.'! oi; 

22 " " Fvangclistic 4()4 oo 

21 " " Invalid Fund..... 27.') 70 

24 " " Foreign INIissions 747 77 

20 " " Education 2,()2H 3') 

21 " " Publication 22S 03 

21 " " Presbvterial 206 00 

24 " " Pastor's salaries paid i), 900 00 

20 " " Congregational 4,77S OO 

13 " " Miscellaneous 390 91 

Total, 28 churches S20,132 82 

Fifteen churches have contributed to all the six objects ordered by 

(Jeiieral Asst'iiiMy ; si'voiitiTii to tivr oi" : i-nr i.. oiii- of tncm : 

one to tluvc of tlu'iii ; tlircf to two of tluMM : i >•■ of tliciu ; :ini! 

five to noiir of tlu'iu. 

W 1 1,1.1 A M \v. IMIAHR, 

.s'hifr,/. C'hrl:. 

FAVKT'rKVii.i,!'; i'i;i:si!v ii'i: v. 

Jtrport of till' i'ri'>-hyttTy o!' i'";iyrttfvil!e, oc Sv -wmkiI ii- JU'iu-volrin-t', 
to tlu' Synod of North Caroiinn, for the yen i .mi. I in- A oi il, IST'i : 

;U ('liui'clu's h;ive conrrilniTiMi to l)is:il)lt'<l .Mini-i.!- >; :^')1 t;.s 

;^(i '• •■ Kducjition 4~'.> ;;i 

4i) '' '• Su.-teiitaticM ;5(>J (is 

^.-) " " ]*iil>lic"itioii ITS s.', 

42 " " Foreign Mis.-ion- osc, m 

^[isi-ell:inr,.n- Iti;! 4s 

Total $1.!':^^ I'-l 

Owing to the extreme seareity of money our .iiui-.-ii.- have not eon- 
tributed so largely as in former years, thoiigli ..n ..].|.oiiiniity has been 
regularly afforded to our people to worship « Jo.i ^v iili ilnir substance. 

Tliesc eollootions are regularly made, a- in r.-iner years, but the 
amounts received from Sabbath to Sabliath :m.- tVom on.. -third to one- 
lialf less. 

It is also due to our churches to state, th:.T -...m,- ..i' liiem, at least, 
have not Jet rep(U-ted the amounts collected -imiii- rlif past Summer. 
By order of the Presbytery, 

.IAMi:s I'. M. rHERSOX, 
October, is?.-). .^tafrd Clerk. 

-AtECKLEXEU i:(r PUES H V I I ; i: V . 

The I'resbytery of ^Mecklenburg reports to ili.' Syii..l of North Caro- 
lina, that according to the last returns from rli.- <'|inrch Sessions, 
(March last), we find that the following is a w\\<- -i;.i.-nieiit in regard 
to Benevolence proper : 

24 Churches have contributed to Sustentatioi. .i;;!,7S!» 00 

21 " " Evangelistic Kmicl 4,S(i 00 

l.-j " " Invalid Fund 1H4 00 

21 " " Foreign Missi.-n- (i9o 00 

1!) " " Education 4H9 on 

14 " " Publication LkS 00 

Total So,7Bl OO 

We rei)ort an increase of i>l,s41 in the aggnL;;.ir. whiie the number 

of contributing churches is less than last ^-eai'. .'\.-,-),i \\\ ease of the 

Invalid Fund, to which object two more chni'-b.- .mhii ributed than did 

last year. 
Seven churches gave to all the objects of .t'.fii.\ "ii-rn-r : seven to five 

of them ; four to four of them , two to tliree of Tbnn ; \\\>> to two of them; 


four to one of them ; fifteen to none of them; and fourteen sessions 

made no rettinis. 

As to jVIinisterial support, the ehurches luive i)aid more l)y $1,179 to 

Ministers than tliey did the year l)efore, the averajie salary hcing ?(i41. 

V>y order of Presl)vterv, 


Mills lliver Churcli, Se])t. ID, ISTo. Sfafcd (JUrh. 


The Presbytery of Wihuinjiton resi^eetfully submits to the Synod of 
North Carolina the following report on Systematic licncvolenee for the 
year ending April 1st, 187"). 

17 Churches have contributed to Sustentation 8 -"ifiS (K) 

17 " " Evangelization -IKi (M) 

n " " Foreign :Missions !*(»!» (K) 

8 " " Education l!l."i (^) 

'8 " " Publication 4") (M) 

'8 " " Disabled Ministers 71 Oi) 

«) " " Miscellaneous 2,422 00 

Total !?4,02« <K) 

Seven churches have contributed to all the objects ordered by the 

General Assembly ; one to four of them ; two to three of them ; seven to 

two of them ; three to one of them , three to none of them ; and eight 

have failed to report. 

By order of the Presbyterv, 


Wliiteville, N. C, 2d Oct. 1875. Stated Clerk. 

The following statistics are taken from the leport of the Agent of 

Sustentation and are published by order of the Synod. 


The average salary promised laboring 3Iinisters in the several Pres- 
byteries comprising this Synod is as follows : In Concord Presbytery 
$768. In Fayetteville Presbytery $850. In Mecklenburg Presbytery 
$900. In Orange Presbytery $67-5. In Wilmington Presbytery $040. 
The average salary paid Ministers in the Synod is about ?673. 


The Presbyteries contributed and received as follows, the cents 
being disregarded : 

Concord contributed $425 ; $377 to its Presbyterial Fund and $48 to the 
Assembly's Fund. It received nothing from the latter. 

Fayetteville contributed $439 and received nothing from the General 

Mecklenburg contributed $465, and received $450. 
Orange contributed $452, and received $275. 


Wilmington contributed to its I'resbyteriiU, Sustenttition and Evan- 
gelistic Fund combined, an amomit to be hereafter mentioned under 
the head of Evangelistic AVork, and received nothing from the General 

Total amount eontributed •'rl.TSl : Keceived $02o. 


Concord Presbytery acts independently of the Assembly's Conmiittee, 
has employed since the 1st of December, 1874, as Evangelist for his 
whole time, Jlev. A. L. Crawford on a salary of S1,2(M per annum, and 
has paid him to October 1st, 1875, :?70'.). It lias also e-<)utrll)uted to the 
Assembly's Fund $21. 

Fayetteville Presbytery co-operates with the Assenddy's Committee, 
lias had no Evangelist during the year, has contributed to the General 
F'und i?179, and received from it nothing. 

Mecklenburg Presl>ytcry works independently of the Assembly's 
Co)innittee, but has contributed to the Assembly's Evangelistic Fund 
>!2(). Tt has employed as Evangelists for their whole time. Rev. S. C. 
Alexander and Rev. A. .1. :Morrison, on salaries of .?1,U0() each, and 
reports as contributed for one of them by the churches of the Pres- 
l»ytery .'?474. 

Orange I'resbytery acts independently of the Assend)ly's Comiuittee, 
and has tv.o Evangelists on salaries amounting in the aggregate to •S1,S!)0. 
It contributed to the General Evangelistic Fund f^2P>, drawing nothing 
from it. 

^','i.uungton Presbytery conducts its own Evangelistic work without 
aid ficmi the Assembly's Committee. It has had several Evangelists 
emj)loycd for the whole or a part of the year. One on a salary of ^^1,21)0, 
two on a salary of $400 each, one on a salary of §3-50, and with no salary 
promised by the Presbyterial Committee. Amount contributed during 
the year for tSustentation and Evangelistic Work $1,809. 

Concord Presbytery contributed $120, and expended a like sum ($120) 
in its own bounds. 

I-'ayetteville contributed $200 and received $100. 
:Mecklenburg contributed $20) and received $425. 
Orange contributed $352 and received $200. 
Wilmington contributed So2 and received nothing. 
Total contributions $!)3n and receipts $851. 


The following statistics were taken from the report of the Agent of 
Publication : 

Mecklenburg Presbytery reports 14 churches contributing and 29 
giving nothing. 


Wiliuiiiiiton IM-i'sbyti-ry ivpoi'ts 7 cliurclies coiitriliiitiiiir and ^U 
giving nothing. 

Fayetteville Prcshytfry n'i)orts I'.s cluirclu's cunTriluitiuii- and L'i> 
giving nothing. 

Coiifonl ]*ivshytiTy i-i'])oris lij churclu's contributing and 12 giving 

Oningo rivsbytcry n'i)orts ;!;; ciuirclu's contributing and lo giving 


As to C'ol[)ortagc NVori; in t]\v scvi-ral i*rosl)ytcrics. the Synodicai 
Agent ha.s no very delinite inforniation. 

rt appears tliat Concord and ISIecklenbnrg Presbyt -rie; are o )erating 
togetlicr in ("olportagi-. 

Orange Presbytery has decided to engage in this work and exjiects to 
eoninieiUH' next Spring. 

i;p:P()jri' oi* thk syxodkal a'^knt (»!■• s.\i;r..\Tn s(iio()r.>. 

To f/ir Sj/nod of Xorfli Carolina . • 

Vonr Synodicai Agent of Sabl)atli Schools respectfully presents thi- 
following report for the year ending April 1st, ISTo : 

Orange Presbytery— ;;? schools, 2")S teai-hers, l,().S(i scholars; average 
atteiulance, l'0(i teachers, 1,144 scholars ; increase, 10 teachei-s, K!t schol- 
ars ; decrease, ."JO teachers, 20!) scholars ; nninl)er added to the cluircii, 
12 teachers, 4!» scholars ; amount contributed to school, •^4s4 ; amount 
for benevolent purposes, ?i21(i. 

Concord Presbytery — 22 schools, IDS teachers, 1,. •!'.!;; scliolars; average 
attendance, 147 teachers, SB!) scholars; increase, 11 teachers, !)2 scholars; 
decrease, teachers, 14 scholars ; number added to the church, Ki teach- 
ers, 103 scholars; amount contrilnited to school, !>24:5; amount for 
benevolent jjurposes, $7(!. 

IMecklen burg Presbytery— 20 schools, 1,4")S scholars; average atten- 
dance, SfiS scholars; number added to the church, 2 teachers, 102 schol- 
ars ; amf)unt contributed to school, 8317 ; amount for benevolent pur- 
poses, $160, 

Fayetteville Presbytery— 2;'> schools, 20.S teachers, 1, ">!)!» scholars; 
average attendance, 137 teachers, S!».5 scholars ; increase, 22 teachers, !)(> 
scholars; decrease, (i teacliers, 7 scholars; nund)er added to the church,^ 
4 teachers, 122 scholars ; amount contributed to school, $1S4 ; amount 
for benevolent jiurposes, Sol. 

"Wilmington Presbytery— 11 scliools, ')47 scholars; average attendance, 
3')0 scholars. 

Total — 113 schools, 064 teachers, 6, 677 scholars; average attendance, 
490 teachers, 4,126 scholars ; increase, 43 teachers, 277 scholars ; decrease. 


42 teachers, 2.!t) scholars ; iiuiuUcr added to tlio cliurch, 84 teachers, .'iTH 
sehohu's ; aniomit contril.uted to schools, !ifl,22S; amount fovheiicvoleiit 
puri)oses, $•')()(>. 

Our 21)!) churches report llo schools. This is an advance of :;2 scliools 
over the iunui)er rei)orted last year. Wihuingtou Preshytery scuds no 
rei)ort, and your Agent can get from the the ^Nfinutes of the General 
Assembly only the nuiuher of schools and scholars. :Mecldenl)ury- 
Presbytery does not report the number of teachers. There ai)pears t<> 
be a decrease in both teachers and scholars. 

The schools arc generally under Sessional control. There is no 
regular system of preaching to children apart from the congregation. 

The JSrin> est 1Io/7.y/- and C/iifdnn'x Fricii(J hnxo not been generally 
taken. A great variety of instruction books have been used, and tlu- 
Scriptures are generally memorized to some extent. The catechisms 
are usually taught. 

AVhile in some Presbyteries deep interest is shown in this great work, 
and Sabbath Scliool Conventions have been organi/xnl, there is not such 
attention given to the caase throughout the Synod as its importance 

Ilespectfully sul)mitted by your Agent, 

Greensboro, N. C, Oct. 1(5, iSTo. L. C VASS. 


Annual Eeport of the Trmfrcs of Union T/irologica/ Semi nan/, in T7,-- 
(jinia, TO the Sjjnod of Xort/i Carolina and Vire/inia, and to the 
(/enerat Asseinhl;/ of the FreM>ijterian CIi ureJi of the Un ited Stctfen, for 
the t/car endincj \Ath Aj>rll, iSTo. 

The trustees respectfully su!)niit this their Annual lleport. 
Seventy-sever, students have been in attendance during the past 
Seminary year, forty-four of whom were former students and thirty 
three were i*cu' matriculates. This is an advance of seventeen, upon 
the number enrolled in lS7:!-'74, and is the largest number attending 
in any one year of the history of the institution. This fact is specially 
' significant and gratifying, as an evidence, not of spasmodic or excep- 
tional growth, but of the increasing hold, which the Seminary is 
obtaining upon the confidence and esteem of the Church. It seems to 
be simply in the line of that steady growth, which has marked its 
history for a number of years past. 

From time to time, the Trustees have l)een able to report the health 
of the professors and students as unifonnly good, and the same report 
might be made for the present year, but for the fact, that during tlie 
winter, there Avas no exemption here from an epidemic influenza, Avhich 
was prevalent throughout the country at large. 

With tlie ciistonuiry exceptions, iu .so lari^eu luunber, the proficiency 
and deportment of the student^ have afforded <?ratifying indicationH of 
lidelity to the obligations assumed by them. 

The Senior class numbered twenty-five, to twenty of whom was 
awarded, by the Trustees, the usual errfificafc of having completed the 
prescribed course of instructii):i. to wit : S. U. Booker, Virginia; P. F. 
lirown, Virginia; W. C. ClarU, (ieorgia ; .1. Ti. Currie, X. ('. ; AV. A. 
Dabney, (Jcoi-xia; A. S. Doa!:. T 'unessee ; \V. T. Howison, Missouri ; 
('. W. Hunipiireys, West V: : .ia ; J. S. L.L<\'vre, West Virjiinia; F. 
W. Lewis, Virghiia; C. L. Lingumfelter, We-t Virginia; T. M. Mc- 
Connel, Virginia; A. S. Moffet, Virginia; J. M-' 'ullough, Kentucky; 
K. McDonald, X, C. ; E. F. Pritchett, X. C. ; I. V. Scott, Virginia; 
X. K. Smith, Tenn.-ssee; .1. E. Triplett, Virginia; E. D. "Washburn, 
(ieorgia. Certificates of probity and llieological attainment, were 
also granted to J. A. Armstrong, Virginia; S. H Chester, S. C. ; and 
P. D. Stephenson, Missouri ; who were constrained, by ill health and 
other causes, to leave the Seminary before the end of the term. 

In all, thirteen students left the Seminary before the close of tlie 
term. In a majority of these cases, the action wax with the approval 
'>f tlie faculty, as the circumstances were sucli a- made it necessary. 

The library has received an increase of more than three hundred vol- 
umes, making the Avhole number D,937. 

There has been no material change in tii" financial condition of the 
institution during the year. The State of \'irginia, witii a commenda- 
ble spiiit of liljerality and statesniansiii)>, pays the interest due o.i her 
l)onds to her Seminaries of learning, and the other incomes, from pub- 
lic securites, have enabled the Treasurer to meet the salaries and cur- 
rent expenses. The Seminary owes no debt. During the financial 
year, ending 1st April, ISTo, T. ^1. Xiven, Es(i., of Xew York, contri- 
buted one thousand dollars to found a scholarshij). During the annual 
meeting of the corporation (April, 187"),) Mr. Jos. B. "Wilson, of Rock- 
bridge, Va., made a donation of thirty-five hundred dollars to found a 
scholarship. These liberal gentlemen merit and receive t!ie recorded 
thanks of the Trustees. The usual financial exhibit is hereto appended. 

The Trustees desire to express their deeji sense of the seals of Divine 

favor which Union Theological Seminary, in Virginia, has received. 

They would give their humble and hearty thanks to the Head of the 

Church, for his marked and generous care of an agency-, which they 

ho^ie and believe He intends to make yet more efficient to extend the 

interests and the blessings of His kingdom in the Avorld. 

By order of the Trustees, 

F. X. Watkixs, 

April 14th, iHTo. Secretary. 



The officers of the Corporation are the Rev. J. Rumple, of Salis- 
bury, N. C, President] Rev. Prof. J. L. Kirkpatrlck, D. D.. of Wash- 
ington and Lee University, Va., and A. G. Mcllwainc, Esq., of Peters, 
burg, Va., Vice Presidents ; F. N. Watkins, of Farniville, Va., Secre- 
tary/ and Treasurer. The legal title of the corxjoration is"2'/je Trustees 
of Union TJieological Seminar >j, in Virginia.''^ 

The Professors are as follows : 

1. Rev. R. L. Dabney, D. D., L. L. D., Professor of Systematic and 
Pastoral Theolog3', and Clerk of Faculty. 

1. Rev. B. M. ^mith, D. D., Professor of Oriental Literature, and 

3. Rev T. E. Peck, 1). D., Professor of Ecclesiastical History and 
Polity, and Intendant. 

4. Rev. H. C. Alexander, D. D., Professor of Biblical Literature, and 
Interpretation of New Testament. 

The next term begins 11th August, 1875, and ends 15th April 1876. 

The Post Offix;e address of the Professors and Students is "Hampden 
Sydney, Va." 

Farmville, on the Atlantic, Mississippi & Ohio Railroad, is the station 
from and to which daily stages transport passengers and mails, in con- 
nection with the Hampden Sydney village. FarmviUe is the Post 
Office address of the Treasurer and Secretaiy. 

The following constitute the investments as at 1st April, 1875, of the 
funds of the Institution : 

1. State of Virginia, (registered and coupon bonds,) §135,195 00 

2. State of Georgia 12,000 00 

3. State of North Carolina 4,147 00 

4. State of North Carolina (in suit) 15,000 00 

5. Des Moines Valley Railroad 1,000 00 

6. Orange, Manassas Gap Railroad 5,200 00 

7. Richmond & Danville Railroad. 10,100 00 

8. Clover Hill Railroad 5,000 00 

9. South Side Railroad 5,000 00 

10. Virginia Central Railroad 6,000 00 

11. St. Louis & Iron Mountain Railroad 1,000 00 

12. City of Nashville, Tenn 1,000 00 

13. City of Richmond, Va 8,000 00 

14. Citv of Montgomery, Ala 1,000 00 

15. Long Island Bank 350 00 

16. Individual Bonds 30,250 00 

§240,242 00 
The sum of $32,500, of the above investments is held for the use of the 
scholarships. By order of th^ Trustees, 

F. N. Watkins, 
Farmville, Va., April 16th, 1875. Treasurer. 


for one year, from October 1874 to October 1875. 


Balance on hand as per last report, October 1874 ? "> 47 

Received from Mecklenburg Presbytery, assessment of 1874 75 00 

" " Favetteville '"' " " 80 00 

" " Wilmington " " 1875 50 00 

" " Orange " " " 130 00 

$340 47 

Paid to : 

Rev. Jacob Doll, salary and account as Stated Clerk for 1876 5 75 04 

" F. H. Johnston, Director to Union Seminary, April 1875... 15 00 
" J. Henry Smith, " " " " " ... 11 35 

" .T. P. McPherson, " " " " " ... 20 00 

" H. G. Plill, " " " " " ... 20 00 

Balance in Treasuiy, Octo])er 1875 198 48 

$340 47 

There is due to the Synod from : 

Concord Presbytery $ 75 00 

Mecklenburg Presbytery 75 00 

Fayetteville " 80 00 

?230 00 
assessments for 1875. 

Respectfully submitted, JESSE H. LINDSAY, 



To the Synod of North Carolina, at Greensboro, October 1875 : 

The Trustees of Synod respectfully report, that they have been unable 
to collect any of the funds due the Synod, for the reason set forth in 
their rejjort to the Session of.Synod, held at Wilmington, October 1873. 
The notes set forth in that report are still held by the Trustees, and 
if the Synod will authorize a compromise to be made, some settlement 
may be eflected. 

Respectfully submitted, 



For the Trustees. 


1813. Rev. Robert H. Chapman. 1855. Rev. Archibald Baker. 
1818. Rev. Colin Mclver. 1859. Rev. Jacob DoU. 

1S49. Rev. Drury Lacy. 




T813. Rev. Robert H. Chapman Alamance Churdi. 

1814. Hev. Samuol C. faldwell Thyatira Church. 

1815 Rev. William MePheeters Fayetteville. 

1816. Rev. John Uobiuson Raleifih. 

181'?. No TOf^eun^ — no quorum pr^\sent Rocky River. 

1818. Rev. Joseph Caldwell, D D Fayeti.evillo. 

18U*. Rev. Ji»nat,han Otis Freeman, M. D Raleigrh. 

1820. Rev. William P«isley Poplar Tent. 

1*^21. Rev. John M. Wilson Salisbury. 

182i. Rev. John Robinson Hillsboro'. 

18i3 Rev. John Witherspoon Fayetreville. 

1824. Rev. Colin Mclver Statesvillo 

18i5. Rev. John B. Davis Green>»boro'. 

182B. Rev, William McPheett-rs, D. D Fayetteville. 

1827. Rev. R. H.Morrison, D. D Salisbury. 

The Stated Clerk has no record of this and ttie two succeeding meetings. 

1828. Rev. Lemuel D Hatch Raleigh, 

1829. Rev. John Williau.'son Fayetteville. 

1830. Rev. Samuel L. Graham Hopewell. 

1831. Rev. Hiram P. Goodrich Hillsboro'. 

183i. Rev. Samuel Williamson Salisbury. 

1833. Rev. Henry A Rowland Wilmington. 

1834, Rev. James W. Douglas Oxford. 

1835 Rev. Henry N. Pharr Salisbury. 

l^B^. Rev. Jos^-ph Brown Fayetteville. 

18::'.7. Rev. N. H. Harding Shiloh. 

1838. Rev. Stephen Frontis Third Creek Church 

1839. Rev. Daniel A. Peuick Lincolntou. 

1840. Rev. Alexander Wilson, D D Danville, Va. 

1841. Rev. William N. Peacock Fayetteville. 

1842. Rev. Walter W. Pharr Poplar Tent. 

1843 Rev. James Phillips Raleigh. 

1844. Rev. Simeon Colton Fayetteville. 

184^. Rev. f^amuel Williamson Charlotte. 

1846. Rev. Drury Lacy Greensboro'. 

1847. Rev. Evander McNair Fayetteville. 

1848. Rev. Cyrus Johnston Salisbury. 

1849. Rev. John A. Gretter Hillsboro'. 

1850. Rev. Adam Gilchrist Centre. 

1851. Rev. Archibald Baker. Rocky River. 

1852. Rev. William N. Mebane Danville, Va. 

18o3. Rev. Hector McLean Wilnnngton. 

1854. Rev. A. L Watts Concord. 

1855. Rev. Eli W. Caruthers, D. D Greensboro'. 

1850. Rev. Neill McKay Fayetteville. 

1857. Rev. Walter W. Pharr Charlotte. 

1858. Rev. Jacob Doll Newbern. 

1859. Rev. F. K. Nash Wilmington. 

1860. Rev. R. H. Lafferty Statesville. 

1861. Rev. Edward Hines Raleigh. 

1862. Rev. John M. Sherwood Goldsboro'. 

1863. Rev. R.N. Davis Salisbury. 

1864. Rev. A. G. Hughes Greensboro'. 

1865. Rev. Colin Shaw. Fayetteville. 

186G. Rev. R. Hett Chapman, D. D Charlotte. 


1867. Rev. Archibald Currie Newbem. 

1868. Rev. D. D. McBryde Wilmington. 

1869. Rev. Jesse Rackin Morpanton. 

1870. Rev. S. A. Stantield Kalei^h. 

1871. Rev. J. P. McPhei^on Fayetteville 

1872. Rev. Arnold VV. Miller, D. D Charlotte. 

1873. Rev. James M. Pprunt Wihu'ngton 

1874. Rev. J. Rumple Concord 

1875. Rev. P. H. Dalton Greensboro. 



Rev. J. P. McPhcrson, Mr. D. A. Davis, Ruling Elder, 

Rev. AValter W. Pherr, To go out in 1879. 


Rev. J. Rumple, Mr. R. J. McDowell, Ruling Elder, 

Rev. B. F. Marable, To go out in 1878. 


Rev. F. H. Johnston, Mr. Evander McGilvary, R. E. 

Rev. Jos. M. Atkinson, To go out in 1877. 


Rev. J. H. Smith, D. D., Dr. E. Nye Hutchinson, R. E. 

Rev. H. G. Hill, To go out in 1876. 


Col. John E. Brown, Chairman Charlotte, N. C 

Col. J. B. Rankin 

Mr. J. L. Brown " 

Mr. T. H. Brem 

Mr. J. H. Welborne Lexington, 

Mr. D. F. Cannon Concord, 

To go out in 1879. 


Rev. R. Z. Johnston Agent of Foreign Missions^ 

Rev. H. G. Hill Agent of Sustentation. 

Rev. L. McKinnon Agent of Education. 

Rev. F. H. Johnston Agent of Publication. 

Rev. L. C. Vass Agent of Sabbath Schools. 


^rr. Jc.<se H. Lindsay Greensboro, N. C. 


Mmisters. Post Office. 

I. (,'eorge W. Ferrill Tally Ho. 

•2. F.dward Hiucs Sassafras Fork. 

a. Jacob Doll Rcidsvihe. 

4. A. Currie ^^■^^^^™- ,. , 

.-). Thomas U. Faucette feassafras t ork. 

(3. Joseph M. Atkinson Raleigh. 

7. P. H. Dalton Kigh Point. 

«. .T. H. Smith, D. D Greensboro. 

9. F. H. Johnston Lexington. 

10. P. E. Jordan Oxford. 

11. Drury Lacy, D. D Raleigh. 

12. James C. Alexander Greensboro. 

13. C. N. Morrow Meoaneyille. 

14. C. Phillips, D. I) Chapel Hill. 

15. C. H. Wiley Winston. 

16. Will. B. Tidball Greensboro. 

17. L. C. Vass Newbeni 

18. H. B. Pratt Socorro, S. A. 

19. P, T. Penick MebaneviUe. 

29! .lohii W. Primrose Manson. 

■IL xiobcTf. Burwell Raleigh. 

22. James H. Fitzgerald Hillsboro. 

•23. V;iliiani G. Baird Mount Airy. 

24. E. M. Green Washington. 

25. William A. Shaw Raleigh. 

2(3. H. T. Darnall Milton. 

27 C Miller Madison. 

28! T. J. Allison.'.'.'..'.' Tarboro. 

Ministers. -^osi Office. 

1. Jesse Rankin Lenoir. 

2. Daniel Lindley 

:^. T. P. Johnston Morganton. 

4. E. F. Rockwell Clool Springs. 

.5. T.N. Paxton Marion. 

(i. G. M. Gibbs Hickory Station. 

7. B. L. Beall Lenoir. 

♦ 8. A. L. Crawford Statesville. 

9. A. E. Chandler Mt. Ulla. 

10. J. Rumple Salisbury. 

II. William W\ Pharr Mt. Mourne. 

12. A. D. Hepburn Davidson College. 

13. W. A. Wood Statesville. 

14. J. B. Mack I" trans. 


lo. L. McKinnon Concord. 

16. S. Taylor Martin Charlotte. 

17. R. B. Anderson Morganton. 

18. R. M. Tuttlc Mooresville. 

19. R. W. Boyd Woodleaf. 

2f). J, W. Davis 8ooehow, China. 

21. James H. Thornwell Concord. 

Minieters. Pont Office. 

1. Hector McLean Melrose. 

2. J. P. McPheri^on Ijaurinburg. 

.■;. :N'eill McKay, D. D Suminerville. 

4. Andrew McMillan Rockingham. 

5. Archibald Baker Shoe Heel. 

H. D. D. McBryde Little River Ac^deiu' 

7. Martin McQueen Carthasre. 

8. Joseph Evans St. Paul's. 

9. Jaraes McQueen Swan's Stcitio)i. 

10. N. T. Bowden Morven. 

11. Archibald McQueen Morro^enia. 

12. John H. Coble Laurinbur?. 

13. H. G. Hill Fayettevilie. 

14. David Fairley Manche.-iter. 

lo. T. L. DeVeaux Wilmington. 

IG. A. N. Ferguson Laurinburg. 

17. K. ]S[. Mclntyr^ Butler's F«ml. 

18. Williams. Lacy Jonesboro. 


Minisfcrn. Post Office. 

1. Duncan B. Black Burgaw. 

2. Colin Shaw Black River Chapel. 

o. .Tamea M. Sprunt Konansville. 

4. B. F. Marable Clinton. 

0. S. H. Isler Newjiort. 

(i. .Tames Kelly Dalton. 

7. N. Z. Graves Goldsboro. 

8. Archibald McFadyen Elizabethtown. 

9. Alexander Kirkland Teachey's. 

10. Joseph R. Wilson, D. D Wilmington. 

11. C. M. Pavne 

12. Geo. W. 'McMillan AVhitehall. 

13. R. A. Miller Burgaw. 

Ministers. Post Office. 

1. R. H. Morrison, D. D Cottage Home. 

2. James E. Morrison Wadesboro. 

3. James D. Hall Woodlawn. 

4. John Douglas Charlotte. 

5. William N. Morrison Asheville. 

6. LelandR. McAbov, D. D Columbus. 

7. R. H. Chapman, D. D Charlotte. 

8. William Graves INIills River. 

9. W^alter W. Pharr Alexandriana. 

10. Thomas E. Davis Pleasant Ridge. 


11. A. \V. Miller, D. D Charlotte. 

12. Hahiuel C. Alexander Wadesboro. 

i;^. D. T. Towles Forks of Pigeon. 

14. Williaiu B. Corbett Aslieville. 

15. G. J). Parks Charlotte. 

16. E. H. Harding " 

17. K. Z. .Johnston Lineolnton. 

18. William McDonald Charlotte. 

10. H. H. Banks StatesviUe. 

20. J. J. Kennedy Gastonia. 

21. AVilliani H. Davis Charlotte. 

22. A. J. Morrison Franklin. 

28. William E. McThvaine Huntersville. 

94 ]<] l^] Evvin Rntherfordton. 

Of the Sixty-Third Session ot the Synod of North Carolina, 
to "be liek^in Fayetteville, N. C, on Wednesday the 18th 
day of October 187G, at 7^ o'clock, P. M. 

1. Prayer. 

2. Roll called. 

3. Moderator chosen. 

4. Temporary Clerks chosen. 

5. Minutes read. 

0). Absentees from the last meeting of the Synod. 

I'rom Orange Frcsbi/tcn/.—Rev. Messrs. G. W. Ferrill, A. Curne, 
Drury' Lacy, D. D. , H. B. Pratt, W. G. Baird, and Dr. William A. Shaw. 

From Concord Presbytery.— Rex. Messrs. Jesse Rankin, Daniel 
Lindley, G. M. Gibbs, A. L. Crawford, A. E. Chandler, R. W. Boyd 
and .John W, Davis. 

From FaycttevUiG Presbytery.— Re\. Messrs. Hector McLean, A. 
McMillan, I). D. IMcBryde, Joseph Evans, N. T. Bov.-den, A. McQueen, 
James McQueen, J. PI. Coble, D. Fairley,T. L. DeVeaux, A. X. Fergu- 
son and K. M. Mclntvre. 

From Wihnington Presbytery.— Hex. Messrs. Duncan B. BlacK, Colin 
Shaw, James M. Sprunt, B. F. :\Iarable, James Kelly, N. Z. Graves, 
A. McFadyen, C. ^.1. Payne and G. W. McMillan. 

From. Mecklenburg Presbytery.— Hex. Messrs. R. H. Morrison D. D., 
J. E. Morrison. J. D. Hall, AVm. X. Morrison, L. R. McAboy, D. D., 
Wm. Graves, T. E. Davis, A. Yv^ Miller, D. D., D. T. Towles, G. D. 
Parks, William iMcDonald and William H. Davis. 

7. Read th*e Statistical Reports of Orange, Concord, Fayetteville, 
Wilmington, and Mecklenburg Presbyteries. 

8. Appoint the following Standing Committees : 

1. On Bills and Overtures. 

2. Judicial Committee. 

3. On the Records of Orange Presbytery. 

4. On the Records of Concord Presbytery. 

5. On the Records of Fayetteville Presbytery. 

6. On the Records of Wilmington Presbytery. 

7. On the Records of Mecklenburg Presbytery. 

8. To prepare an address to the churches on the state of religion 
within the bounds of the Synod. 

9. On Devotional Exercises. 
10 On the Treasurer's Account. 


11. On the Minutes of the General Assembly. 

12. On Union Theological Seminary. 

13. On the Reports of the Trustees of Synotl. 

14. On Systematic Benevolence. 

15. On Leave of Absence. 

9. Read the Narratives on the state of religion respectively from the 
Presbyteries of Orange, Concord, Fayettcville, Wilmington and Meck- 

10. Read the Report of the Directors of Union Theological Seminary. 

11. The term of office of the fourth class of the Directors of Union 
Theological Seminary, exi)i res at this meeting of the Synod, viz: 
Rev. J. H. Smith, D. D., II. G. Ilill and Dr. E. Nye Hutchinson, 
Ruling Elder. 

12. Report of the Committee on the absolute and relative aggresive- 
ness of the Presbyterian Church in North Carolina. 

13. Report of the Committee oh the Synodical Map. 

14. Absentees at the calling of the Roll at the close of the last Session 
of Synod. (See Minutes of 1S75.) 

15. Read reports on Systematic Benevolence, respectively, from the 
Presbyteries of Orange, Concord, Fayettcville, Wilmington and Meck- 

16. Read the Report of the Trustees of Synod. 

17. " " '• " Treasurer of Synod. 

18. " " " " Agent of Sustentation. 

19. " " " " Agent of Education. 

20. " *' " " Agent of Foreign Missions. 

21. " " " " Agent of Publication. 

22. " " " " Agent of Salibath School. 

23. How n;any copies of the Minutes shall be published? 

24. Read the Statistical Report of the Synod to the General Assembly. 
2-'). Time and place of the next meeting of the Synod. 

26. Minutes to be read and approved. 

27. Call the Roll at tbe close of the Sessions. 

28. Close "with singing, prayer and the apostolic benediction.